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Troy Tulowitzki

5-Time All-Star Shortstop:
Colorado Rockies, Toronto Blue Jays, New York Yankees

I met up with Chris and instantly my game took off.

My body felt better, and during the season I dealt with less injuries. I had a major injury - a quad tear - and as soon as I got with Chris, I felt better.

The workouts are tough, don't get me wrong, but at the same time you want someone to push you, especially when you're a professional athlete, you want someone to take you to the next level, someone that isn't satisfied with you being a professional athlete, someone that wants you to be the best in the game - that's what I strive to do.

I keep coming to Chris because I feel that puts me in a great position to succeed every year.





In just 12 weeks, Troy went from 217 lbs. and 10.4% body fat to a playing weight of 210 lbs. and 7.2% body fat*




Mona Lisa Moon

I was struggling in my martial arts career to gain respect in a very male-dominated world where the guys were much larger, heavier and stronger than I was.

For many years I was discouraged from becoming muscular so it was liberating working out with Chris because he would push me to workout harder and maximize my talent, rather than hide behind it.

For the first time, I was able to see how beautiful it was to have that lean muscular look as a woman.

I used to believe that it was all about the number on the scale, and if that was “good” then I must be healthy – but I was wrong, and Chris taught me why.

Since then, I’ve pursued a career in modeling and roll my eyes now whenever I hear other models obsessing over their weight on the scale like I used to.

I’ve lost body fat and in turn gained muscle and self-esteem instead! I love the way I look and feel now.

Chris, I am eternally grateful – thank you for believing in me and for being the mentor you’ve been to me for all these years.



Lost 7 lbs. and 9.6% Body Fat!*

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John McMath

I was trying to make the over-35 US Water Ski Team, and I needed to get in better shape. What really sold me on Chris was the initial phone call to him.

When I called other trainers, I felt like I knew more about working out, eating right, and supplementation than they did. That was very disappointing.

Chris really understood I was a high level athlete and he knew what to do with that.

He really took me under his wing.

He did a wonderful job teaching me how to eat, going shopping with me, finding the right supplementation for my kind of body -- he taught me how to fish instead of just fish for me.

You want to be able to make further gains after youʼre done training with Chris. Thatʼs what he really does well.

I highly encourage you – if you really want to get in the best shape of your life and learn everything there is to know about this – to definitely give Chris a call.



Lost 17 lbs. and 21.8% Body Fat!*

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Laura M.

My weight loss started to reverse and I had several nagging injuries that just never seemed to get better.

Chris trained a few people at my gym and I noticed a dramatic improvement over a pretty short period of time in their appearance and what they were capable of doing, so I signed up for a 3-month session.

Chris taught me a lot! In addition to workouts, he set up a diet plan for me and after 3 months, I lost 30 lbs, never felt hungry, my endurance and physical capabilities really started to increase, and I finally had a knee that didn’t hurt.

Even better, I was actually starting to see improvements in my body as far as getting toned.

After 1 year of working with Chris, I can honestly say I’ve undergone a total body transformation.

I’d recommend Chris to anyone who’s looking to transform their body, meet a specific fitness goal, or just increase the challenge of your workouts.

You’re going to see results in weeks, not months or years.



Lost 36 lbs. and 10.5% Body Fat!*

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Daneen Slusser-Smith

I've always been an active and health-conscious person, but was finding myself at a plateau. I needed to push past that, and I needed something beyond myself to get there.

What differentiated Chris was his passion about not only exercise but also nutrition, and just the overall aura of being was very positive.

He definitely pushed me in ways that nobody else had.

He was really vested in seeing me excel and hit different levels, and was totally open to everything from going grocery shopping and helping me with food preparation, to keeping me accountable.

That’s probably one of the biggest things Chris did was keep me accountable to my goals.

I have a journal that I kept and he was just sort of my right-hand partner -- somebody that really encouraged me and pushed me to do better and to feel better.

I would absolutely recommend anybody that wants a life change - to be healthier and in a better place - to give Chris a try.





Lost 18 lbs. and 7.9% Body Fat!*

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Chinmay Banker

Prior to working out with Chris I had always struggled with both my weight and my health.

Iʼve tried all kind of workouts – boot camps, P90X, different diets, Jenny Craig and whatnot -- but I was always giving up after a couple of weeks of trying.

Thatʼs when I realized that what I lacked was someone motivating me and pushing me. Thatʼs when I contacted Chris.

Iʼve been working out with Chris for quite a few months now and the results Iʼve gotten so far are absolutely amazing. I have achieved goals that I never thought were possible and Iʼm seeing my body get transformed and sculpted right before my eyes.

One of the worries I had when I was looking for trainers was that I would get really intimidated by them, but with Chris that is not the case at all.

Heʼs really easy to talk to, heʼs super friendly, and he listens to your needs. He tailors your workouts and nutrition plan based on what you want and your goals. Most importantly he is just as invested in you as you are in him.

All in all, training with Chris was the best decision Iʼve ever made.



* Results may vary from person to person


Lost 21 lbs. and 8.6% Body Fat*
In 12 Weeks!

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